Sturdy ring light, great accessories & features, fits 12.9" iPad Pro.

2020-06-16 11:19:13 22

I've been looking for a ring light that can be used for a selfie-booth. This ring light can accommodate a 12.9" iPad Pro with a thin case in it, perfectly centered in the ring. I think other 18" lights would be too small on the interior diameter.

I do like the thoughtful inclusions on this ring light:
1. There are 2 batteries included along with 2 USB based chargers for those batteries -- that way you can charge both at the same time.
2. Warm to cool light modes are nice but it can also do RGB colors if you want to use it as a mood/background light effect.
3. Sturdy build - no creaking, plastic feels solid. The bottom mount is made of thick high impact plastic and doesn't look like it will break.
4. The inclusion of 2 screw holes on the back of the unit (which are meant for the included 90 degree gimbal mount). This provides a very sturdy place to mount another bracket (eg. my iPad bracket). Also, if the bottom mount somehow breaks one day (it's the leverage point for the whole unit), you do have the option of using these holes as a solid mounting option.
5. Included USB output is 5V2A. This isn't quite enough to keep my 2018 12.9" iPad Pro in a positive charge if the screen is on full time, but does slow the power drainage - still testing that but I'll bet I can get through a 8+ hour event if the iPad starts at full charge and screen is on 100% of the time at full brightness (I left the iPad screen on full brightness, starting at 100% - 12 hours later it was down to 71% - but the iPad wasn't taking pictures, using WiFi for printing or uploading photos, etc like it would in use at an event). Having the on board USB is nice to reduce cable clutter and great for a photobooth option. I'd bet it can handle a smaller iPad no problem.
6. Multiple hotshoe mounts provides lots of options for mounting accessories.
7. The included tripod holds the unit up including the iPad Pro. I like that I can splay the legs out flat on the floor so people are much less likely to trip on it and destroy my equipment. I pointed the Y shape with the single foot pointing perpendicular from the ring light, and the "V" part of the Y pointing backwards, away from the traffic and users.
8. The power cable is long enough so that the transformer can lay on the floor - many other AC adapters I’ve seen have the plug so short the transformer brick is dangling in the air which can strain the connector, pop off or a hazard (and looks bad). Thoughtful touch here as well.



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