Quality product with awesome features!

2020-04-14 10:45:29 14

Before buying this one, I tried ring lights from other manufacturers and most seems to be made of cheap plastic and offer very few features. This Tolifo RGB dimmable ring light is the most advanced product I've seen on the market and is made of ABS plastic that feels heavy duty. The package comes with everything you may need (except the camera, of course!): rechargeable battery for wireless use, battery charger, power adapter, adjustable tripod stand, L-support, phone holder and a padded carrying case. Around the ring light, you will also find 5 different cold shoe mount (3 at the base, 2 on top) giving you endless possibility for your gear (microphone, light panel, video camera, etc.). Also useful, there is a USB plug to charge in your phone or to power any other equipment (works on both battery and A/C power adapter mode). Altought I wasn't sure about the RGB mode, I found it very fun to use because you can control the mix the amount of color you want with your with your cold or warm white (a little bit of red to enhance this or a little more of blue for this particular scene, etc.). I will be using this ring light for photobooth in many upcoming events and I feel confident that it will give professional results!



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