Definitely 100% a GREAT light!

2020-04-14 10:12:04 17

Edward Weiss

A perfect lighting solution for any videographer who is looking for something rugged, well designed and extremely portable with the ability to dim or brighten the light and adjust from 32k warm up to 56k cool and everywhere in between, all while remaining FLICKER-FREE! I shot a wedding and found the battery still had full power at the end of the night, but I would still recommend at least one or two backup batteries to be on the safe side- better to have them and not need them than get stuck by the time they are cutting the cake at the end of the day. People have said this thing weighs a ton, but honestly, I didn't even notice it when it was perched atop my mid-sized camera. The barn doors on mine were very nice although I have seen many versions that are identical but no barn doors. Some versions have a hard case and or a remote control- mine came with neither. But overall I think the weakest link is the cold shoe mount which is actually extremely rugged and sturdy, but still had a certain cheap feel to it- would have preferred it was made out of metal, but honestly, it is absolutely NOT a deal breaker!

My end thoughts are, this is definitely a light worth considering if you are looking for a perfect combination of value, rugged design, reliability and versatility!



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