The most feature packed light in this price range!

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May 11, 2019

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This thing has got a bunch of features packed into this small and budget package. First off the build quality is really nice from the barn doors to the housing itself everything feels solid and sturdy. I've owned a number of small similarly priced lights and you don't really get that kind of build anywhere else.

Aside from the build they put some real power into the light as well. Having 15w for both the daylight and tungsten balanced bulbs provides a very nice amount of output. The only downside I can see in this is that they didn't set 5600k to be the mid point. If they increased the range higher they could have daylight use the full power which would really make this light perfect. I think that's a bit much to ask for though when you consider everything it already includes for the price.

Which leads me to the next feature of having not only a battery plate to use NPF style batteries but including a DC port to power it off the wall if you want to. Very handy if you're going to be in one location for a long time that has power available no need to run down your batteries and have to recharge them. This also has an LCD screen and even though there's no room on it to display battery life they made a neat little feature to show your battery life with the click of a button.

They do say to not use another hot shoe mount with this light and that's true because if you look in the hole you can see the LED panel area is pretty close to it. If you have a mount with a long screw it definitely can cause some damage but luckily the included mount is actually not bad (for a plastic one). It's among the best plastic mounts I've had included with a light and does its job just fine. Overall I can't really find anything bad about this light even the quality of the light is comparable to some of the higher end options like Aputure I didn't notice any color shifts while testing it out. It's a great option for those like myself looking for quality gear on a budget.

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